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Bollywood Box Office Rankings As At 31/10/2010

Star Power Rankings INDIA 31/10/10
Rank Last Week Star Release Count Points Weekly Points Change
1 1 Aamir Khan 2 353.10 -8.50
2 2 Shahrukh Khan 3 213.80
3 3 Akshay Kumar 10 154.90 -3.20
4 4 Ranbir Kapoor 5 113.90
5 6 Salman Khan 5 60.70
6 5 Hrithik Roshan 2 55.20
7 7 Saif Ali Khan 5 -12.50 +7.50
8 8 John Abraham 3 -27.50
9 9 Imran Khan 3 -167.50
10 10 Abhishek Bachchan 5 -195.70
Star Power Ranking WORLDWIDE 31/10/10
Rank Last Week Star Release Count India Points Overseas Points Worldwide Points Weekly Points Change
1 1 Aamir Khan 2 353.10 110.00 463.10 -10.50
2 2 Shahrukh Khan 3 213.80 182.40 396.20
3 3 Akshay Kumar 10 154.90 -39.90 115.00 -3.56
4 4 Hrithik Roshan 2 55.10 17.52 72.62
5 5 Ranbir Kapoor 5 113.90 -66.60 47.30
6 6 Saif Ali Khan 5 -12.50 4.20 -8.30 +10.10
7 7 John Abraham 3 -27.50 -0.80 -28.30
8 8 Salman Khan 5 60.70 -177.40 -116.70
9 9 Abhishek Bachchan 5 -195.70 -68.72 -264.42
10 10 Imran Khan 3 -170.00 -110.40 -276.70
Star Power Ranking OVERSEAS 31/10/10
Rank Last Week Star Release Count Points Weekly Points Change
1 1 Shahrukh Khan 3 456.00
2 2 Aamir Khan 2 275.00 -5.00
3 3 Hrithik Roshan 2 43.80
4 4 Saif Ali Khan 5 10.50 +6.50
6 5 John Abraham 3 -2.00
5 6 Akshay Kumar 10 -99.75 -0.90
7 7 Ranbir Kapoor 5 -166.50
8 8 Abhishek Bachchan 5 -171.80
9 9 Shahid Kapoor 4 -262.60
10 10 Imran Khan 3 -272.00

Source – BOI


Why Bollywood Is Ailing

So what troubles the industry? Poor scripts? Yes, but that’s not the only factor going against our movies. Wrong economics is another vital aspect. And it all starts with actors’ remuneration and film-makers getting overtly indulgent and over-spending on the making of their films. When the film is eventually complete, it carries the burden of a heavy price, which, most of the times, is difficult to recover due to the wrong costs.

In most cases, it’s not the film that fails, but the price that fails. Also, what we may consider ‘Hot’ within the industry may not necessarily be ‘Hot’ outside the industry. The avid moviegoer may not be as excited as we are about a film. That explains why we go completely wrong in our calculations. We sit in our ivory towers, feeling eternally optimistic that the junta would throng the cineplexes the moment the advance booking counters open, but we are in for a rude shock when our world comes crumbling down.

Also, it has been proved that very few solo hero films have the power to lure audiences to cineplexes. Solo Aamir, SRK, Salman, Hrithik, Ranbir and Akshay starrers have consistently opened well. Irrespective of how their films fare, the fact remains that they succeed in attracting patrons to cinema halls on Day 1 on the strength of their star power. Subsequently, the content of the film does the talking and star power takes a backseat.

That brings me to JHOOTHA HI SAHI, which was expected to repeat the success of JAANE TU YA JAANE NA. The industry was looking up to the film for varied reasons, but the content of the film proved a downer. Also, the wrong economics. Besides, a prominent film-maker made an extremely valid observation on John. People like to see him as a pin-up guy, as a star, not as a simpleton in films like AASHAYEIN and JHOOTHA HI SAHI.

Another reason that went against JHOOTHA HI SAHI was its wrong costing. The film was too expensive and John’s brawny shoulders couldn’t carry the burden of a weak script and heavy costs combined. Businesswise, the film is one of the major shockers of 2010.

RAKHT CHARITRA has been made in three versions [Hindi, Tamil and Telugu] and I am told that the makers will easily recover the costs of Part I from Telugu and Hindi versions. The Hindi version hasn’t garnered the figures that were expected from it, but the business of Telugu version is extra-ordinary.

HISSS attracted audiences at single screens, but the multiplex junta, which contributes a big chunk to the booty, stayed away. The film is weak in merits, but the generous skin show by Ms. Sherawat found its share of takers in U.P. and some centres. As for DUS TOLA, the film went completely unnoticed, adding to the tally of also-rans.

Source – BH

The three releases of last week remained the top scorers at the box office at the start of their second week as new releases saw awful collections.

Jhootha Hi Sahi had business of around 50 lakhs and showed a 70% drop from its first day.

Rakht Charitra was the steadiest with a 60% drop and business around the 40 lakhs mark.

Hisss fell badly as it dropped 75-80% from its first day. All three films have been rejected but have managed to stay in the theatres for an extra week due to no competition.


Box Office Update

Nakshatra was awful on day one with 2-3% occupancies. The other releases Daayen Ya Baahen and Maalik Ek were even worse.

Hisss had a week one of 6 crore nett, single screens in UP and MP were best.

Jhootha Hi Sahi grossed around 8.75 crore nett in week one. It had okay collections at select multiplexes only. FLOP

Rakht Charitra managed 6.25 crore nett week one with Maharashtra single screens doing best business.

Aakrosh dropped in week two with around 2 crore nett business taking its two week total to 13.75 crore nett. FLOP

Source – BOI

The box office performance of Endhiran – The Robot is still good at the end of 4th week. The movie was able to sustain well at various centers around the country, especially South India. The Hindi version is doing a consistent business and had not seen big drops since its release, 4 weeks back.

Endhiran – The Robot’s box office collection estimates of all three versions, as derived from various sources and the occupancy factor taking into consideration are as follows –

Indian Gross – 182 Crores

Indian Net – 163 Crores

Overseas – 65 Crores

Hence, total worldwide collections of Endhiran – The Robot from all three versions is estimated at INR 247 Crores at the end of 4th week. In all probability the movie is expected to do highest ever business in Indian Cinema in terms of “Net” Collections, but will lag behind 3 Idiots in terms of “Gross” Collections by some margin. Even in Overseas market, the movie is expected to cross 3 Idiots business of 70 Crores.

Recalling Swades – A Movie Above Ratings

Watched “Swades” once again. The movie released in 2004 but its magic is intact and will be in near future. Directed by Ashutosh Gowarikar, Swades has Shah Rukh Khan as leading actor in the character of “Mohan Bhargava”. Movie is about an NRI who works in US and comes to India to take her mother-like “Kaveri Amma”.

I guess since many of us who are following Bollywood more passionately than average movie going audience, I suppose most of us have watched the movie. Hence, I will not go into the story of the movie, rather I will share some thoughts or you can term qualities of the movie.

Swades comes across as a honest movie and as honest attempt from the team. Its not just a movie, which is made for 3 hours of entertainment or a reason to pass time. It’s a phenomenon. It highlights the problem which a resident Indian and a non-resident Indian goes through, through the eyes of a non-resident. When one finishes watching the movie, there is a message and the message for all was loud and clear. Before discussing about what one takes with him/her after the movie, I would like to share some thoughts which I observed about the impeccable direction. The following are some finer points, which many of the makers would have over-looked or erred or ignored but not Ashutosh Gowarikar –

1. SRK travelling to New Delhi at the start shows him travelling in an Air India Aircraft. The seat belonged to Business Class and it is exactly same as Air India, Business Class actual seat in its aircraft. Reason – I have travelled in an AI, Business Class.

2. SRK using an old and rusty calculator at his friend Rahul’s store. Any director would have used a new calculator which costs 450 Rs. But natural, as the director wanted and he gave natural look to all.

3. The movie is shot at a remote village near Mahabaleshwar area of Maharashtra state. People shown in the movie are actually the residents of the village. They were converted into virtual actors for the movie. The locations, houses, huts and surroundings are “actual and real” and its not a “Set”.

4. Considering the movie was shot in Maharashtra, the vehicle (Caravan) which SRK uses has Delhi’s name plate, because the movie has Charanpur in Uttar Pradesh and SRK starts his journey from Delhi.

5. SRK is using his 4 shirts and 4 pants in all of the scenes shot in India. He uses his 4 pair of dresses repeatedly in the movie. How easy it is for an actor to order a new pair of dress? Instead, the makers sticked to the concept of perfection, as an NRI Mohan was not carrying much of dresses with him when he goes to Charanpur.

6. Kaveri Amma is shown as giving bath to a newly born baby. For all, who have not watched how a baby is given bath in rural areas, just watch that act of Kaveri Amma. I know it because my childhood was spent in almost as same as village as Charanpur.

7. The books which Gita (Gayatri Joshi) purchased in a store, are actually subjects of any Primary School in Maharashtra.

8. And now the most important part. Any director would have chosen any concept about Mohan Bhargava’s (SRK) professional life. But here the director chose Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) Project under NASA in USA. Just for the record, NASA would be actually launching the GPM Project in 2014 and it has exactly the same objectives as shown in the movie. For that purpose, NASA actually provided the makers with this information and they were allowed to shoot in the NASA headquarters.

Those were some finer points about the movie. The above goes to show the minuteness with which the makers have given due consideration to every concept and scene.

Now I would to share some important message which the movie tries to give or highlights some of the problems which the country is facing. Following are some of such issues which movie touches –

1. Children leaving their parents or grandparents on chance and they have to take shelter of old age home.

2. Women not being considered as able as men.

3. Girls are do have as much privileges with respect to education, compared to boys.

4. Child marriage is still a practice in many villages of India.

5. Castism is solidly intact. In fact it had never been considered as problem. Peoples rights depend on where you are born, rather than what you do.

6. Illiteracy is a stumbling block even in today’s time. Though there have been many programs to improve educational system, it has been limited only to few places.

7. Farmers being exploited by landlords for violating the provisions of contract, which are never favorable to a farmer to start with.

8. Middle-men eating more than 60% of the money. Products which are grown/made/produced/manufactured in remote areas has always been prey of middle-men in India. The actual makers or service providers getting far less than their due.

9. Lack of basic infrastructure, electricity in particular in far places of India. In some parts of India, the load-shedding is such that people get electricity for as less as 6 hours!

10. Faulty Government machinery. Actual programs not benefiting common man. Any benefit or program starts from top and before it reaches bottom, it is absorbed in middle. In other words – Corruption.

Those were some points or message I took out from this movie. The strongest message I have kept at last. ”Apni Chaukhat Ka Diya aur Giving Light To Neighbors House”

When we always say that over 70% of Indian population lives in rural areas, this movie should actually win all kinds of accolades, awards and rewards. But it’s unfortunate that such an effort was never appreciated and was never given the popularity it deserved.

I had always maintained that “Swades” is not just a movie, it’s a phenomenon and hence is above ratings.

There were three new Hindi releases this week in Daayen Ya Baahen, Maalik Ek and Nakshatra and as expected they opened to empty houses. The turnout was 1-2% with Nakshatra having the best release.

Jhootha Hi Sahi is likely to remain the leader at multiplexes in its second week even though its business is poor as there is no competition. Single screens will be giving Rakht Charitra and Hisss another week’s run as there is nothing to replace them.

Robot (Hindi) is the only bright spot which is continuing with steady collections though on the lower side.

As usual the pre-Diwali week is likely to be one of the worst of the year in terms of the total volume of business of all films showing.

Close to Rs 100 crore is at stake for Bollywood during the Diwali weekend with two big budget movies, Golmaal 3 and Action Replayy, slated for debut that will set the tone for other significant releases next month.

For cinema theatres that tend to focus on cashing on the maximum during the opening weekend of a movie release, launch of a big film around a major holiday has become crucial for their revenue model. It also dictates fortunes for the Indian film industry that produces the most number of flicks in any single year around the world.

Although, the quantum of money at stake this year is just half of the production budget of the three movies released last Diwali, the industry would be hoping for a better show. While mega budget flick Blue and a mid-sized movie Main Aurr Mrs Khanna sank, another relatively big budget movie, All the Best, was the only one that managed to woo audiences last year.
Shree Ashtavinayak Cine Vision produced Golmaal 3 starring Ajay Devgn , Kareena Kapoor and Arshad Warsi will lock horns with Vipul Shah produced Action Replayy starring Akshay Kumar and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, for eyeballs. Golmaal 3 is being distributed by Eros International that recently raised money through a public issue of shares and PVR Pictures, a subsidiary of multiplex operator PVR Ltd , will distribute Action Replayy in India.

“We slotted Action Replayy for a Diwali release as it is a fun film and in sync with the festive spirit,” said producer & director Vipul Shah. Kamal Gianchandani, CEO of PVR Pictures said scheduling a film release during Diwali has to do with consumers’ willingness to spend on shopping and entertainment. Both the comedy movies will have wide release with an above average 1,800-2,000 prints with marketing budget of around `7-8 crore each, the same amount used to make a small budget film.

Source – ET

Overseas Update

The three new releases fared badly in International markets. The Telugu version of Rakht Charitra was okay in North America. Jhootha Hi Sahi was a rom-com which has a market overseas but this time collections were awful.

Dabangg has finished its run with a $5.50 million total. IN UAE its the fifth biggest grosser ever with a $2 million gross. The top 4 are Three Idiots, My Name Is Khan, Rab ne Bana Di Jodi and Ghajini. It has beaten the $5 million business of Salaam – E – Ishq which was the highest grosser for Salman Khan before Dabangg.


Paranormal Activity 2 delivered the highest-grossing opening weekend ever for a supernatural horror movie, while the other new supernaturally-themed entry,Hereafter, had a quieter launch. Overall business was up nearly 12 percent from the same weekend last year, when the first Paranormal Activity led.

Haunting approximately 4,500 screens at 3,216 locations,Paranormal Activity 2 drew $40.7 million, topping The Grudge’s $39.1 million for supernatural supremacy in first weekend gross (though it ranked seventh in estimated attendance). The first Paranormal Activity opened nearly 13 months ago but had a slow roll-out into nationwide release. Its biggest single weekend was its fifth, generating $21.1 million at 1,945 locations.

Paranormal Activity 2 displayed better staying power than the oft-compared Blair Witch movies: it’s already retained 38 percent of its predecessor’s $107.9 million gross, while Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2’s total retention of The Blair Witch Project was a mere 19 percent. It’s also better off than The Grudge 2 versus the first Grudge. In its marketing, the Paranormal sequel stayed true to its predecessor’s “found footage” format (which Blair Witch abandoned for its sequel), a style that’s worked with recent titles like Cloverfield, Quarantine and The Last Exorcism.

With its Friday gross accounting for 49 percent of its weekend gross, Paranormal Activity 2 had the most Friday-loaded opening weekend on record for a horror movie. Nearly all other horror movies with similar Friday shares failed to double their opening weekend grosses in heir final tallies, suggesting that Paranormal Activity 2 will have a quick flame-out and make less than its predecessor. Given the checkered history of supernatural horror sequels, though, simply retaining most of the first movie’s audience would put Paranormal Activity 2 firmly in the win column. The movie’s Friday included $6.3 million from its heavily-promoted midnight debut at around 1,800 locations, which not only broke Jackass 3-D’s October midnight record ($2.5 million) but the R-rated midnight record formerly held by Watchmen ($4.55 million). Paranormal Activity 2 also played at 151 IMAX venues, which contributed an estimated $2.5 million to the weekend tally. Distributor Paramount Pictures’ exit polling indicated that 54 percent of the audience was female and 61 percent was under 25 years old.

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