Cost / Investment

Production Cost – 25 Crores

Printing and Publicity Cost – 7.50 Crores

Total Investment – 32.50 (Dharma Productions are producers as well as distributors of the movie)


Distributors Share from Indian Theatrical run –  10.51 Crores.

Distributors Share from Overseas Theatrical run —- 4.05 Crores.

Revenue from Satellite Rights sales ———————14 Crores.

Revenue from Music Rights sales ———————-    6 Crores.

Revenue from Home Video Rights sales ————–    2.50 Crores.

Total Revnue ——————————————–    37.06 Crores.

Profit generated to Distributors ——————–  4.56 Crores.

Conclusion – Dharma Productions stroked a master deal for “We Are Family” for its Satellite Rights. Though theatrically the movie is forgettable, but the makers and distributors earned profit for their venture.

Box Office Verdict – Success.