Endhiran (Tamil) and its Telugu and Hindi versions combined have given the largest first weekend distributor share ever in India. As per general industry estimates the shares were 25 crore for Tamil version, 13 crore for Telugu version and 4 crore for Hindi version. The total distributor share being 42 crore. Dabangg was 30 crore approx and Three Idiots 21.75 crore approx.

The film has also the highest first weekend nett collections ever in India at 56 crore nett. Dabanng was 49 crore nett and Three Idiots 38 crore nett.

But in terms of the amount collected at the ticket counter it remained below the Salman Khan All Time Blockbuster Dabangg. All three versions of Endhiran had a gross figure of 62 crore over its first weekend while Dabangg picked up 65 crore over a similar period with Three Idiots at a 50.50 crore gross.

Endhiran (Tamil) figures alone without dubbed versions was 25 crore distributor share, 31 crore nett and gross.

Link – http://www.boxofficeindia.com/boxnewsdetail.php?page=shownews&articleid=2086&nCat=box_office_news