Instead of writing a review of Robot (Endhiran) I decided to think on the qualities and pros and cons of the movie. During that process I found that there are many similarities between the two most technologically advanced movies of the two industries viz. Robot and Avatar. I will try to think and compare the qualities of the two movies at their respective stage of technological development in their respective industries.

Positives –

Robot movie has the latest and best technology as far as its Sci-Fi visuals are concerned in Indian Film Industry. Technology has never been accepted as an important aspect of a movie. Robot proves otherwise. The movie is stunningly amazing in terms of special effects, graphics used and the action sequences. Robot tries to deliver what others would term as hypothetical for a movie to be based upon. It’s the visuals of the movie which is its USP. On the other hand, Robot connects to you, emotionally. One would get easily lost and carried away with visuals, but Robot does not. You could feel for Robot, when “Feeling Program” is run and the simplicity with which he expresses his feelings. You can feel the love of Robot for Sana. You can would feel for him when is self-destructs. That’s where the movie successes.

Avatar is no different. It has the best Sci-Fi technology being used for any Hollywood movie. The 3D concept added one more feather to its credit. Movie was visual outstanding and yes, it could us literary to a different world. It was an amazing experience to watch a whole new world with such a precision of clarity. Pandora and its forest, local inhabitants and their spirits, animals and birds, name anything it had “Excellent” word written all over it. Same as Robot, Avatar too connected emotionally. You could feel the love of Jake for Neytiri. You could feel that Jake is actually a God sent Nabi who will going free Pandora from human exploitation. You could feel love of Jake for Nabis than Humans.

Both movies proved success due to amalgamation of the two important factors, the visuals and emotions and their box office record is testimony for that.

Negatives –

Robot has a very unrealistic concept which normal audience will find it very difficult to digest. One clear negative about the movie Robot is its excessive graphics, which clearly states that we still have scope to improve. In some of the scenes the graphics looked excessively artificial making the visuals more of computer based rather than real. How can a robot have emotions and feelings and how it totally transforms into a virtual human being, is not explained satisfactorily. That looked as if the Director Shankar has hurried up in order to wind up.

Avatar too suffers from certain defects. The planet Pandora is shown as exact replica of planet Earth. Pandora has humans (Nabis), birds, animals, trees and their traditional stories and beliefs. How humans could establish such a monstrous military building on the planet and how Nabis dint took any kind of action till such a time has reasons unknown. On top of that humans are able to carry all the military requirements, arms and ammunitions along with vehicles and fighter helicopters on Pandora without the locals being known. Jake a normal human turns into an enemy for its own race, which looks absurd considering he has more “human” emotional.

Conclusion – Both Robot and Avatar suffer from certain demerits, but good thing about these two are their merits over-shadow them. Technology has its own merits and demerits. If it can give a real visual experience, it can also act as more artificial making audience to leave at theaters what they saw in it and nothing to carry forward. Where both movies score is its emotional connect with audience, which is the most important factor for any movie to be worthy of remembrance. Oh ya, they are memorable.

Verdict – Yes, there is similarity of verdict for both Robot and Avatar. 4 stars out of 5.