Q. Which film is likely to open better Aakrosh or Knock Out?

A. It can be any of the two though Aakrosh is the bigger film.


Q. Who will get the better opening on Diwali Action Replay or Golmaal 3?

A. The pre release indicators suggest it will be Golmaal 3 at the moment but Action Replay has a huge star like Akshay Kumar whose fans may turn on the Friday to tilt the tables in the favour of Action Replay.


Q. Will Endhiran gross more than Three Idiots lifetime business worldwide?

A. Endhiran will do 130-140 gross worldwide while Three Idiots did 340 crore. Even if count the dubbed versions of Endhiran it will be 235 crore maximum which is still 100 crore plus short of Three Idiots. Despite much media speculation even the nett collection of Three Idiots will be higher than the gross collections of Endhiran and its dubbed versions in India and Three Idiots was released on 500 less prints as the Hindi version of Robot had far too extensive release as compared to demand.


Q. Did multiplexes raise ticket rates to 1500 for the film Endhiran?

A. Much of the media reports for this film has been to create a buzz in the North. Tamil Nadu where Endhiran has done best has a threshold on ticket prices so exhibitors cannot price above a certain rate and Tamil Nadu is where there was the biggest craze for the film.


Link – http://www.boxofficeindia.com/youdetail.php?page=shownews&articleid=2103&nCat=you_asked_it