Aakrosh portrays the reality of the world, that the urbanites are not aware of. Aakrosh highlights the issue of honour killing. In a small village , three youngsters go missing. And Ajay Devgn (who plays an army officer) and Akshaye Khanna (he plays a CBI officer) are given the task to find these missing youngsters. It is then that they realise that it is a case of honour killing.

They work tirelessly, challenging the corrupt bureaucracy and caste system to find the culprits. In the end, they succeed to do so.

At a city multiplex, we asked those who caught the first day-first show about what they liked about the film.

Ashok Naik says, ”I didn’t know that many places in our country are still so backward. The movie makes you realise the fact that many places in our country are still redundant with caste discrimination. It is a must-watch.”

The performances of the lead actors of the movie have also been appreciated. Namrata Bhatt says, ”Both, Ajay and Akshaye have done a good job. They justify the characters that they play. It is a gripping movie that doesn’t have any dull moment.”

Rahul Achrekar adds, ”It is a good movie. Totally paisa-vasool.”
Priyadarshan’s movie Aakrosh is being praised for its content but Mohini Iyer is of the opinion that it is not a family entertainer. She says, ”Some parts of the movie are gory. No doubt it is a good movie but not meant for kids.”

Ramayana:The Epic

The first show of the animation film Ramayana: The Epic was canned in two of the multiplexes in Central suburbs citing a technical glitch. However we overheard an attendant at the ticket counter informing the boss about having just two viewers for the movie. We were later informed that the movie would not be screened.

However we managed to catch the show at another multiplex with only about eight people. The epic of Ramayana is retold in this Ketan Mehta’s movie. It covers the important events and aspects of Ram’s life.

At a multiplex in the city for the second show, this is what people have to say about the movie. Anaita Verma says, “As a parent I can say that kids will enjoy the movie.” She adds, “Even I enjoyed the movie but animation could have been better.” Rakesh Agarwal who came to see the movie alone is also of the same opinion. “The sound and special effects are good. But the facial expressions of the animated characters did not have the right impact. I like watching animated movies and having watched most of them I’d say that Indian animators make the human characters look like puppets which ruins the feel of an animation movie. Although, this movie by far has the best animation compared to the other Indian animation films.”

Since the actual story is long and cannot be depicted scene by scene, many parts of the story was just narrated by the ‘Sutradhar’. Leela Goradia says, “I appreciate the fact that the filmmakers have tried to educate the lesser known facts about Ramayana like Sita’s sisters were married to Ram’s brothers. But a lot of important aspects are not highlighted. The film definitely creates an interest in Ramayana as a concept but children who are most likely to watch this film may still have a few questions.”

Source – IBN Live