Q. What is the release date of Himesh Reshammaiya’s Kajraare?
A. It was released on Friday with a couple of prints in Mumbai and Pune.
Vikram Patil

Q. Would it not be good for films like Three Idiots and Dabangg to be dubbed in Tamil and Telugu for extra returns like Endhiran was done in Hindi?
A. Not really. Three Idiots in Hindi gave an 11.50 crore share in the South and then fetched 15 crore for its Tamil rights. There is no way it would have made this much money if was released in Tamil and if it was to release in Tamil then the rights would go for much less. The Robot share for Hindi is going to be 10 crore and then you have the print and publicity costs while when selling rights there are no such costs. It is always more profitable to sell the rights for a big Hindi blockbuster instead of releasing a dubbed version.
S Murli

Q. Which film is doing better music wise Action Replay or Golmaal 3?
A. Action Replay is doing better as Zor Ka Jhatka is a hit song.
R Mohan

Q. How is the buzz for Jhoota Hi Sahi as the director has Jaane Tu… Ya Yaane Na behind him and John also had two successes in New York and Dostana recently?
A. The music has not taken off which is needed for a romantic film. The film is likely to depend on word of mouth.

Source – BOI