Jhoota Hi Sahi –

Jhootha Hi Sahi had an awful first day with just 1.50 crore nett business. A similar genre film Aisha had a near 3 crore nett first day a few months back.

Jhootha Hi Sahi is a 40 crore investment including P&A which makes the first day look even worse as the film may not even manage a 5 crore lifetime theatrical share from India the way it is going.

Comparatively the business was better in East Punjab and Mysore with 20 and 10 lakhs respectively but still it is very poor. Other circuits were extremely bad with Mumbai collecting 50 lakhs and Delhi/UP grossing 35 lakhs.

Rakht Charitra and Hiss –

Rakht Charitra and Hisss had very poor collections on day one. Hisss managed a good opening at some single screens but these screens have low collections so don’t change the overall scenario much.

Rakht Charitra collected 1 crore nett on its opening day with Mumbai contributing 40 lakhs and the Delhi/UP and East Punjab combined total being 30 lakhs. CI was 6 lakhs.

Hisss grossed around 1 crore nett on its opening day. Bihar, CP Berar and CI had the best collections. Multiplexes had a disastrous turnout.

Source – BOI