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Golmaal 3 Has 9 Crore Plus Third Week

Golmaal 3 has taken its business to a nearly 103.50 crore nett in three weeks. The territorial breakdown for the 3rd week is as follows –

Mumbai – 4.00 crore

Delhi/UP – 1.50 crore

East Punjab – 70 lakhs

West Bengal – 30 lakhs

Bihar – 20 lakhs

CP Berar – 55 lakhs

CI – 30 lakhs

Rajasthan – 45 lakhs

Nizam – 45 lakhs

Mysore – 55 lakhs

Others – 20 lakhs

TOTAL – 9.20 crore


Thumbs Down For “Guzaarish” With 22 Crores

Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s Guzaarish has been rejected by the masses while being liked by the classes. The film had a total box office collection of Rs. 22 crore (220 million) in its opening week in India. Given its high cost, it will entail heavy losses to UTV.

Guzaarish, Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows (Part I)

Shahrukh Bola Khubsoorat Hai Tu is a supreme disaster with poor collections. Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows (Part I) did well in the both its English and Hindi dubbed versions.

Golmaal 3 is still very good despite opposition from other biggies this week. Akshay Kumar and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s Action Replay’s earnings have reduced to a trickle.

For a detailed collection of the box-office collections, refer to the box below:

No Film Week Collections (Rs.) No. of prints Average per print (Rs.)
1 Guzaarish 1st 12,80,40,215 325 3,93,970
2 Golmaal 3 3rd 6,10,25,990 366 1,66,738
3 Harry Potter Aur Maut Ke 

Tohfe (Part I) (dubbed)

1st 2,97,50,140 163 1,82,516
4 Action Replayy 3rd 25,88,692 85 30,455
5 Shahrukh Bola 

Khoobsurat Hai Tu

1st 2,45,121 61 4,018
6 Diwangi Ne Had Kar Di 1st 1,15,859 24 4,827

India Box Office Collections for the week of November 19 – November 25, 2010 (All figures in Rs.)

Source – Komal Nahta

Break Ke Baad has not done well theatrically but still managed to earn good money due to reasonable costs and a big satellite price.

The film has at total investment of around 25 crore including release costs and promotion. The cost is reasonable as the main lead Imran Khan is on a profit sharing deal as his remuneration.

Break Ke Baad fetched 13 crore for its satellite rights while music and home video added another 5 crore making it 18 crore for non theatrical rights. The first weekend share worldwide will be about 7 crore meaning costs recovered.

The film should manage to earn revenue of 33 crore against investment of 25 crore which is 32% return and better than hit theatrical performers like My Name Is Khan, Hosefull and Once Upon A Time In Mumbai

Source – BOI

Box Office Update – 27/11/2010

Allah Ke Banday opened to a very poor 10-15% response. The film will struggle at the boxoffice.

Break Ke Baad had a first day all India average of around 35-40%. Some good multiplexes were better but it does not look making much difference to overall first day collections. Single screens were very poor.

The much delayed Khuda Kasam released at single screens to a 15-25% response. Mumbai city was 10-15% while places in Rajasthan and Bihar were 25-30%.

Guzaarish had a poor first week of around 22 crore nett. The film did not start well while collections dropped on weekdays and collections are also low on the 8th day. FLOP

Golmaal 3 is still doing good business with around 8 crore nett in its third week takings its three week total to 102 crore nett. BLOCKBUSTER

Source – BOI

Break Ke Baad had a dull first day with around 2.75-3 crore nett business. A handfull of multiplexes performed better but overall the film made little impact.

The smaller circuits like Bihar, CP Berar, CI and Rajasthan had little collections and most of the collections came from from the bigger circuits. Mumbai was around 1 crore, Delhi/UP 60 lakhs and East Punjab made 25 lakhs.

The film should have better numbers on Saturday and Sunday but it does not look like going anywhere as far as theatrical business is concerned. The big satellite price is a huge plus for the makers and as its lifetime all India distributor share will be lower than its satellite price.

Source – BOI

Movie – Allah Ke Banday.
Starring – Sharman Joshi, Faruk Kabir, Atul Kulkarni and Naseeruddin Shah.
Director – Faruk Kabir.

Here is my review of the movie “Allah Ke Banday”. Movie is about two kids from the slums of Mumbai. Their journey from needy to gangsters. Movie stars Sharman Joshi and the director himself Faruk Kabir as the two very close buddies.

Vijay Kamble (Sharman Joshi) and Yakub Ansari (Faruk Kabir) are two kids who born in the slum of Mumbai, which they call it as “Bhool Bhulaiya”. Yakub is bought by Vijay’s mother, who is a orphan. Both grow together as Tea suppliers. But due to their connection with the “Boss”, who is the biggest gangster of the Bhool Bhulaiya, they get themselves into illegal activities. First with supplying churus and later with robberies. Both in their quest to control and earn more, land up in the Juvenile Prison, after being accused of murdering their “Boss”, who was actually murdered by his own man, who later on claims the title of Boss.

Vijay and Yakub after being landed in a Juvenile Prison, is harassed, mentally and physically by the warden (Naseeruddin Shah). The duo decides to start their illegal activities in the jail itself and in process forms a gang for themselves. After 11 years of imprisonment, the two kids, now fully grown, return to their bhool bhulaiya in order to take control of what they wanted to, 11 years back. Now they learn that there is not one, but 4 “bosses”, who control the slum. In the quest to control, they form a gang of young teenagers and end up doing all kind of illegal activities and enmity with the other “bosses.”

Atul Kulkarni is a teacher, who is firm believer of principles and disciplines. He is against Vijay and Yakub, who are hiring young kids to form their gang. In the meantime, a young boy is killed in a gangwar, mistakenly by Vijay. The incidence turns out to be the twist in the movie, after which Vijay tries to change himself and tries to expose the dirty activities of Bhool Bhulaiaya, through a television editor Sheryaar Hussain (Vikram Gokhale).

Movie is written, scripted, directed and acted by Faruk Kabir. It’s a very sincere effort to show the life of children in the vast slum of Mumbai. It was natural for me to compare it with Slumdog Millionaire. The movie has resemblance to SM, in terms of background. One would experience the parallel system which runs through the vast slums of Mumbai. Faruk Kabir, looks like is having very good knowledge about the subject matter and had done the homework before commencing on the project. Movie has a brilliant background score from Chirantan Bhatt and
Hamza Faruqui.

Sharman Joshi gives best performance of his close to decade old career. We happen to see his brilliant comic timings in his previous ventures, including his debut “Style”. He has come a long way to act a “Vijay”. Faruk Kabir makes a pleasant debut, in terms of his performance as an actor. He has enacted his role so perfectly, that you never feel its his first movie. Naseeruddin Shah do not have a big role in the movie. Vikram Gokhale again is having a very tiny role. Atul Kulkarni excels in his brief appearance. Anajana Sukhani is having a guest appearance, as a girlfriend of Vijay.

Verdict – 3 stars out of 5. Allah Ke Banday is a well made movie with some outstanding performances and decent story.

Indian Boxoffice Loves Sequels

It can be seen from the collections that sequels are far bigger than their predecessors. The figures below do not take into account the growth in the market between films but even accounting for that the figures of sequels speak for themselves.

Also the sequels by and large have not got good media reviews that the predecessors did but the public gave them a huge thumbs up therefore proving to be unstoppable at the boxoffice. There may have been a few exceptions to the rule but with major films the sequels have not gone wrong till date.

This is a good sign for the sequels which may make it next year like Housefull 2, Don 2 and Dostana 2.

Hera Pheri (2000) – 10.75 cr nett
Phir Hera Pheri (2006) – 41.75 cr nett
Jump 288%

Munnabhai MBBS (2003) – 21.25 cr nett
Lage Raho Munnabhai (2006) – 71 cr nett
Jump – 235%

Koi Mil Gaya (2003) – 42 cr nett
Krissh (2006) – 69.25 cr nett
Jump 65%

Dhoom (2004) – 19.50 cr nett
Dhoom 2 (2006) – 80 cr nett
Jump 310%

Golmaal (2006) – 29.75 cr nett
Golmaal Returns (2008) – 51.75 cr nett
Jump 74%

Golmaal Returns (2008) – 51.75 cr nett
Golmaal 3 (2010) – 105 cr nett (Expected)
Jump 103%

Source – BOI

Guzaarish could not make any impact overseas but it was sort of expected. The North American market which performs better for films with less commercial content was probably the major disappointment. The overseas collections were around $1.6 million. The figures from major markets are as follow.

UK – £164,000

North America – $488,000

UAE – $455,000 (6 Days)

Australia – $83,000

Pakistan – $100,000

Golmaal 3 is continuing with its huge run in UAE as business has touched $1.25 million in 18 days. The film will be amongst the top ten grossers in UAE and is a SUPER HIT in that market. Other narkets have done decent business.

Source – BOI

After the mega success of Golmaal 3, the combination of Shree Ashtavinayak Cine Vision Ltd and Rohit Shetty will combine for three films over the next two years.


The first film will feature Ajay Devgan and Abhishek Bachchan and will take off early next year and be readied for a Diwali 2011 release.


The second film is an Akshay Kumar starrer which go on the floors late 2011 and release mid 2012.


And finally it will be the Golmaal 4 where cast of blockbuster Golmaal 3 will be repeated and expected release date is Diwali 2012.


Source – BOI

SRK rebuilding his social network

King Khan is now on the mend with many of his fractured relationships. Mumbai Mirrorcounts his ‘frenemies’..
The saying goes: you’ve got to be careful about who all you offend on your way up because these are the same people you will meet on your way down. What this means in Shah Rukh Khan’s context is gradually coming to the surface now. Yesterday, we told you that Shah Rukh called up Sanjay Leela Bhansali and mended fences with him, praising his latest film Guzaarish.
   The latest is that King Khan apologised to Sunil Gavaskar close to two weeks ago, at a sports awards function. After lashing out at Gavaskar in 2009 for his comments on the Kolkata Knight Riders’ coach John Buchanan, Shah Rukh made an extra effort to mend his differences with him.
   Says an eyewitness, “When Gavaskar came up on stage, SRK politely told him that whatever had been reported had been misconstrued by the media, that he respects him very much and loves him for the several honours he has brought to the country.” And Gavaskar apparently smiled and told SRK that things often get blown out of proportion.
   We agree. But Mumbai Mirror gives you a tell-it-as-it-is account of King Khan’s attempts at patching up with friends he almost lost.

Vidhu Vinod Chopra:

The SRKVidhu war started after Vidhu justified Eklavya being nominated for the Oscars by saying, ‘If the SRK starrer Paheli could be India’s official entry to the Oscars earlier, why not Eklavya?’ Chopra and Khan stopped talking post this. SRK opted out of Vidhu’s 3 Idiots and asked the Munnabhai director Raju Hirani (a Chopra loyalist) to direct a film for his banner, and things got ugly then. The latest buzz is that Vidhu is contemplating making a film with SRK.

Vishal Bhardwaj:

Bhardwaj and SRK had creative differences over a script some time ago. Now, SRK has signed Bhardwaj to direct a film for his company Red Chillies Entertainment.

Aishwarya Rai

: SRK cast Rani Mukherjee instead of Aishwarya Rai in Chalte Chalte after noticing Salman Khan’s unruly behaviour on the sets. SRK and Ash stopped talking. Things changed after Karan Johar’s birthday bash, last year, wherein SRK apologised to her. The latest is that SRK wants to cast Aishwarya in his next production and sources say that she too has agreed to play his ladylove.

Akshay Kumar:

It’s known that while SRK’s camp has never wished ill for any of Akshay’s films, Akshay’s coterie used to send out SMSs on SRK films hitting the theatres and not doing too well, even when the collections were respectable. Today, Shah Rukh is in frequent touch with Akshay. He even visited the sets of Akshay’s show Master Chef.

Arjun Rampal:

SRK may not have gotten over Rampal’s demands for a decent fee for RA.One, but after a brief fight with him, SRK invited Rampal home for dinner and now, they’re talking again.
   Lastly, SRK has added a new friend to his list, someone who is best friends with his rival Ajay Devgn. That’s Rohit Shetty. The director received a call from Shah Rukh Khan to congratulate him on his film, Golmaal 3. That’s not all. SRK has also signed Shetty to direct TV commercials for his company.
   So it’s amply clear that it’s lonely at the top and the King wants his kingdom back. Why leave Salman Khan and Farah Khan out of it, Shah Rukh?