Endhiran (Tamil) has set the box office on fire in the South and Overseas. The Hindi version Robot managed average business in circuits like Mumbai and CP Berar but flopped in Delhi, Punjab and Bengal. The approx expected lifetime figures for the film are as follows.


Endhiran (Tamil)

Distributor Share – 90 crore

Nett – 125 crore

Gross – 130 crore


Robo (Telugu)

Distributor Share – 25 crore

Nett – 40 crore

Gross – 43 crore


Robot (Hindi)

Distributor Share – 10 crore

Nett – 21.50 crore

Gross – 29 crore


The combined totals will be 125 crore distributor share (record for Indian film), 186.50 crore nett and 202 crore gross.


Endhiran (Tamil) will do $11m (49 crore) overseas with $5.5 million from Far East, $2.5 from North America, $1.5 million from Middle East and $1.5 million from the rest of the world.


The Hindi and Telugu versions of Endhiran will add another $1m from overseas.


The final worldwide gross total of all versions of the film will be INR 255.50 crore ($57.5 million). Worldwide they are the second highest figures ever for an Indian film after Three Idiots which did INR 339.50 crore ($74.5 million). Dabangg released earlier this year is third as it grossed INR 212 crore ($47 million). Three Idiots was released on 1800 prints worldwide, Dabangg was 2000 prints while the Tamil, Telugu and Hindi versions of Endhiran had a combined total of 2500 prints worldwide.

The only black spot for the film was the Hindi version which accounted for 800 prints but did not give a return like the other versions. In India Robot (Hindi) was 750 prints which was far too much as dubbed films do not have a big market. Last year the dubbed version of 2012 (Pralay Ki Shuruaat) was released on just 400 prints and grossed 28 crore nett and remains the highest grossing dubbed film. Robot (Hindi) is second on the list of dubbed films but release was more like outright Hindi film rather than a dubbed film.


Source – BOI