Q. Who will be the star of 2010?
A. At the moment its a one horse race with Salman Khan way ahead of his competitors. Only Akshay Kumar with Tees Maar Khan can alter the scenario.
A Shaikh

Q. Action Replay had a superstar like Akshay Kumar, top heroine Aishwarya Rai and hit music so why such bad opening?
A. Aishwarya Rai is not a plus today as she is not as popular amongst the youth as other younger heroines. The main reason for dull start is that Akshay Kumar is a mass superstar similar to Salman Khan and has to be presented in a certain way to get his fans in. Akshay Kumar fans were not interested in Action Replayy but will turn up in millions to see more typical Akshay in Tees Maar Khan, Thank You and Housefull 2. Also if a mass superstar is not in his image in a film you don’t come against another big film which is audience friendly, its best to have a solo release to give your film a chance.
Arvind Dahe

Q. Do you think Robot has been liked in the Hindi market as it has had steady collections for 4-5 weeks?
A. A liked film across all sectors will do huge business. See its done same business as We Are Family though Robot trending is better. This sort of business is not of liked films. We can say We Are Family is rejected as it dropped after a start and for Robot we can say there was no interest for it in the Hindi market but after release a very small sector of the public appreciated it.
K Prasad

Q. Will the dull opening of Action Replayy affect the stardom of Akshay Kumar?
A. No. Action Replayy was never expected to have big opening and Akshay is too big of a star for one or two dull performers to affect his popularity. His Tees Maar Khan and Thank You will have the type of Akshay Kumar his fans love so therefore will take bumper openings.
A Sawant

Source – BOI