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The much-awaited TEES MAAR KHAN has emerged one of the biggest disappointments in U.K. and U.S.A. To capitalize on the Christmas period, UTV released the film on Tuesday [previews] in U.K. and on Wednesday in U.S.A. Ideally, the film should’ve grossed £ 600,000 in U.K. and $ 1.25 million in U.S.A., also keeping in mind the excessive number of prints in circulation. But the numbers clearly prove that the audience mandate is missing. However, the film has fared very well in U.A.E. [US $ 550,000] and Pakistan [collected US $ 58,000 on its opening day] …

US – 741,162 USD (5 Days) – UK – 318,419 Pounds (6 days).

Source – BH


Band Baaja Baaraat will be the biggest beneficiary from the Tees Maar Khan fall in collections and no major release this week.

Band Baaja Baaraat’s strong box office run was stopped in its tracks by the release of Tees Maar Khan. Despite the film having rock steady collections at multiplexes it lost a huge amount of screen space in week three when Tees Maar Khan took over at the box office.

The drop of Band Baaja Baaraat was just 18% from week one to week two but still it was left with just one or two shows.

An example of the increase in the shows is that Big Ghatkopar Mumbai which is one of the biggest multiplexes in India will go from 2 shows in week three to 5 shows in week 4. The multiplexes which had it one show in week three will now have two shows in week three.

Another reason for the increase can be the fact that last week’s Toonpur Ka Superrhero has also had a huge reduction of shows.

Source – BOI

The collections of Tees Maar Khan are declining very fast as Tuesday showed a big drop from Monday.

The film collected around 3.25 crore nett on Tuesday which takes its five day business to around 45.50 crore nett. The two days left of the week may bring in another 5 crore nett.

The numbers are still very big for five days but problem is they are falling even faster then they started. Looking at the trending the film is looking to finish its lifetime business at around the 65 crore nett mark.

Source – BOI

Tees Maar Khan Falls Heavily On Monday

Tees Maar Khan fell heavily on Monday as it grossed around 4.50 crore nett which is around 65% lower than its Friday business. All circuits fell across the board with Mumbai being worst at around 70% fall while East Punjab and CI recording smallest falls at around 60%.

The film is now looking at a 51-52 crore nett first week which would be the sixth biggest ever but a huge disappointment considering the weekend business.

It has no competition next week so it will keep most of its screen space as exhibitors have no alternative but the problem is if the weekdays keep on dropping heavily then collections will be at low levels by then. A holiday on Saturday could give it small respite from dropping collections.

Source – BOI

Tees Maar Khan has grossed around $2.5 million from its extended weekend which is below par but with Christmas vacations on, the film may remain steady until the New Year. The numbers from major are as follows.

United Kingdom – £320,000 (5 days)

North America – $750,000 (5 days)

UAE – $500,000 (3 days)

Pakistan – $175,000 (3 days)

Source – BOI

Tees Maar Khan grosssed a huge 38 crore nett weekend as per early estimates. The weekend is huge and on par with Three Idiots and only lower than Dabangg but the expectations were such from the film that a bigger weekend was expected.

The approx daily breakdowns were 13 crore nett on Friday, 13.25 crore nett on Saturday and 11.75 crore nett on Sunday.

The major disappointment was that the film did not get that holiday jump on Saturday but on the other hand the Sunday drop was not as big as it could have been considering the negative reports.

The week should finish at 55-56 crore nett if the weekdays go as per normal industry standards of adding around 45% of your weekend business on weekdays. There is a lot of negativity around the film in the trade and media but the expected huge crash did not come on Sunday and it may also be a normal Monday rather than a crash.

Source – BOI

Tees Maar Khan – Saturday Box Office Update

Tees Maar Khan managed to show a jump in its business on Saturday but it was very small. Normally on a holiday it would have been expected to go up around 15% but here it was less than 5%. The collection on Saturday was an approx 13.50 crore nett. The two day total is 26.50 crore nett approx.

Major circuits like Mumbai, Delhi/UP, East Punjab and West Bengal showed small jumps while single screens circuits like CP Berar, CI and Rajasthan showed small falls.

Sunday is likely to see a fall as is normally the case after a big holiday and it remains to be seen how big the fall is. The weekend business is now looking to be in the 36-38 crore nett region depending on what happens on Sunday.

Source – BOI

Review – Tees Maar Khan

Movie – Tees Maar Khan
Starring – Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif and Akshaye Khanna
Director – Farah Khan

Here is my review of the movie “Tees Maar Khan”, TMK in short. Movie is about a con, who has learned to unlock any lock right since he was fetus. TMK stars Akshay Kumar in the title role and Katrina Kaif as his love interest “Anya”. It also stars Akshaye Khanna in a supporting and important role.

Story is about how Tabrez Mirza Khan, who is also called Tees Maar Khan along with his three rather strange assistants fulfills any given assignment in the field of robbery. Movie starts with the title track of TMK and depicts how TMK learns to break any lock right in the stomach of his mother. Since his birth he is shown as the one who can rob anything and still can be scot-free at will. Police department has arrested and locked him 11 times, ran away 25 times. In short, he is the “best” in the business.

Movie starts with a basic plot of treasure. Police department had acquired a treasure which is 10 tons in weight and having value of over 5 Billion INR from the twins “Johri Brothers”, basically who are shown as a negative characters. The department wants to sent this treasure to Delhi in a train in order to keep it safe from certain dacoits. This particular project of sending the treasure to Delhi is called “Bharat Ka Khazana”. Police is worried about only one man who can steal this treasure and of course he is TMK. Here Johri Brothers give this task naturally to TMK, as being “professional” only he can do this job.

In order to steal this treasure, TMK had to make certain plan viz. to rob the train with the help of more than 300 villagers in disguise of film shooting. In process he includes “Aatish Kapoor” (Akshaye Khanna) to star as a lead in his “movie” after giving a hope of winning an Oscar for his movie ala Slumdog Millionaire. Being an Oscar wannabe, he readily agrees to work in TMK movie.

TMK is a movie which is out and out a “comedy” movie. Right from the start credits to end credits, it was clear that movie is all about fun, for its makers as well as viewers. TMK is Farah Khan’s third directorial venture after “Main Hoon Naa” and “Om Shanti Om”. Does Farah pulls out on the third occasion? The answer is YES. As the makers claimed it to be as a masala entertainer, TMK proved to be same. Movie has many gags and many spoofs. It is interesting to start with, does tremendously till first half, drags in the second and have very strange climax. Script could have been much more tighter. Still, it is a laugh riot. Movie had some genuinely good songs and of course Katrina Kaif rocks in “Sheila Ki Jawani” with contribution from Vishal Shekhar and Sunidhi Chauhan. Though the songs are good, “Wallah Re Wallah” stands out when Akshay, Salman and Katrina sets the screen on fire.

If we talk about performances, than as usual Akshay Kumar steals the show with his brilliant screen presence and wit. His energy is as usual top notch in the movie. Katrina Kaif is underplayed in the movie and except her song, she is a big disappointment. Akshaye Khanna is a surprise element in the movie and makes you laugh all the way from “Oscar Oscar” to “Day Ho”. Other support cast is not much to talk about.

It is not Farah’s best work but it works, because we are given glimpse of what is coming in the movie right in the start. So pseudo-intellects please stay away.

Verdict – 3 Stars out of 5. I had always believed that “Movies” are for entertainment and not for education and believe me, Tees Maar Khan does entertain.

First Day: Tees Maar Khan v Dabangg v Three Idiots

Dabangg is undisputed champion as far as the biggest first day goes while Tees Maar Khan and Three Idiots have similar first day numbers. The territorial breakdown for all three films is as follows. Circuit record holders are in bold.

Mumbai Circuit
Tees Maar Khan – 4.70 crore
Dabanng – 5.14 crore
Three Idiots -5.31 crore

Tees Maar Khan – 2.85 crore
Dabanng – 3.21 crore
Three Idiots – 2.36 crore

East Punjab
Tees Maar Khan – 1.20 crore
Dabanng – 1.39 crore
Three Idiots – 1.10 crore

West Bengal
Tees Maar Khan – 53 lakhs
Dabanng – 62 lakhs
Three Idiots – 75 lakhs

Tees Maar Khan – 26 lakhs
Dabanng – 32 lakhs
Three Idiots – 15 lakhs

Tees Maar Khan – 18 lakhs
Dabanng – 18 lakhs
Three Idiots – 12 lakhs

CP Berar
Tees Maar Khan – 69 lakhs
Dabanng – 89 lakhs
Three Idiots – 55 lakhs

Tees Maar Khan – 49 lakhs
Dabanng – 62 lakhs
Three Idiots – 47 lakhs

Tees Maar Khan – 75 lakhs
Dabanng – 80 lakhs
Three Idiots – 68 lakhs

Tees Maar Khan – 68 lakhs
Dabanng – 55 lakhs
Three Idiots – 70 lakhs

Tees Maar Khan – 58 lakhs
Dabanng – 50 lakhs
Three Idiots – 57 lakhs
Note – My Name Is Khan holds circuit record at 65 lakhs

Tamil Nadu/Kerala
Tees Maar Khan – 15 lakhs
Dabanng – 22 lakhs
Three Idiots – 20 lakhs
Note – Ghajini holds circuit record at 25 lakhs

All India

Tees Maar Khan – 13.06 crore

Dabanng – 14.45 crore

Three Idiots – 12.96 crore

Source – BOI