Tees Maar Khan started with bumper collections in the morning is continuing at the pace through the afternoon.

It is very possible that the first day could be historic and record breaking. The film is chasing the 14.45 crore nett day one record of Dabangg and everything depends on evening and night shows but the chances are there of surpassing Dabangg opening.

Delhi/UP, East Punjab, West Bengal, Bihar, CP Berar, CI and Rajasthan have seen the biggest Friday morning opening in the history of Indian cinema. Most of these circuits are where Akshay Kumar has a massive fan following.

Mumbai and South are also huge but not as historic as the circuits above compared comparatively. But even in Mumbai a first day circuit record is not out of the question. In Mumbai the first day circuit record is still held by Three Idiots of 5.24 crore nett while Dabangg fell just short with 5.14 crore nett.

In Mumbai circuit Three Idiots had ticket prices hiked by a huge margin of 30-40% while Dabangg did not which kept it below Three Idiots. Tees Maar Khan has ticket prices raised by 10-15% and this could help Tees Maar Khan set a Mumbai record as well.

Source – BOI