Tees Maar Khan grosssed a huge 38 crore nett weekend as per early estimates. The weekend is huge and on par with Three Idiots and only lower than Dabangg but the expectations were such from the film that a bigger weekend was expected.

The approx daily breakdowns were 13 crore nett on Friday, 13.25 crore nett on Saturday and 11.75 crore nett on Sunday.

The major disappointment was that the film did not get that holiday jump on Saturday but on the other hand the Sunday drop was not as big as it could have been considering the negative reports.

The week should finish at 55-56 crore nett if the weekdays go as per normal industry standards of adding around 45% of your weekend business on weekdays. There is a lot of negativity around the film in the trade and media but the expected huge crash did not come on Sunday and it may also be a normal Monday rather than a crash.

Source – BOI