The much-awaited TEES MAAR KHAN has emerged one of the biggest disappointments in U.K. and U.S.A. To capitalize on the Christmas period, UTV released the film on Tuesday [previews] in U.K. and on Wednesday in U.S.A. Ideally, the film should’ve grossed £ 600,000 in U.K. and $ 1.25 million in U.S.A., also keeping in mind the excessive number of prints in circulation. But the numbers clearly prove that the audience mandate is missing. However, the film has fared very well in U.A.E. [US $ 550,000] and Pakistan [collected US $ 58,000 on its opening day] …

US – 741,162 USD (5 Days) – UK – 318,419 Pounds (6 days).

Source – BH