Movie – Dhobi Ghat
Starring – Aamir Khan, Prateik Babbar, Monica Dogra and Kriti Malhotra.
Director – Kiran Rao.

Here is my review of the movie “Dhobi Ghat”. Movie stars Aamir Khan as Arun, Prateik Babbar as Munna, Monica Dogra as Shai and Kriti Malhotra as Yasmin. DG is a directorial debut for Kiran Rao. It’s the 5th movie to come out of Aamir Khan Productions and hence there has to be some expectations from the movie, considering the movie stars Aamir himself.

So here is how the story of DG goes. Shai meets Arun, than Shai meets Munna, Munna meets Arun and Arun meets Yasmin (on a TV). Yes, that’s the story. If you want more detail about the story than here it is. A little more detailed introduction of characters here. Shai is an investment banker back in US (God save that bank) and is on a vacation trip to fulfill her hobby of watching and photo-shooting filthy areas of Mumbai slums. In process she meets Munna, who is a Dhobi. Arun is a painter and like to change his apartment every month and likes loneliness. Yasmin is basically in video cassettes which Arun finds in an apartment after leaving the old one. So coming back to story, Shai meets Arun in a painting exhibition. She gets attracted towards him. Munna is a common dhobi of both Arun and Shai. He of course is flat on Shai. Arun on the other hand is flat on Yasmin who happens to be only on TV. Ok that was more detailed story-line for you.

If we talk about the movie than anybody who wants to have 90 minutes and 200 bucks to waste, are most welcome to the movie Dhobi Ghat. I don’t have an inch of idea why this particular movie was made in the first place. Just to fulfill directorial ambition of Kiran Rao or did Aamir really believed in the subject matter of the movie. Movie is neither class nor mass or any other kind of audience you want to associate with it, its negative. Movie has neither a story nor a screenplay. There is no music in the first place so lets not get into it. I really now believe why Dhobi Ghat has such a low budget in spite of casting Aamir Khan. Reason is, it seems camera work have been done through a handy cam.

Though the movie is nothing to talk about, the performances deserved to be applauded. Aamir, Monica and Kriti have played their roles perfectly. The biggest plus of the movie is in the form of Pratiek Babbar. His performance is as natural as one would desire. He excels and stands out as Munna.
Overall the movie has only one silver lining i.e., the performance from the actors associated. Movie is a dampener for reasons stated above. I remember Kiran Rao stating that she wanted to shoot a scene with Aamir Khan in a real location without him being noticed and she surely does that with perfection with almost 80% of the scenes.

Place some cameras on the streets, apartments and slums of Mumbai and here it is, your Dhobi Ghat is ready.

Verdict – 1 Star Out Of 5. The One star is for the natural performance from the actors.