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Tanu Weds Manu took a fair start at around 40% on an all India basis considering the cast. The North was better at 60% in multiplexes. The film is being appreciated by the public especially in the North and should prove to be a success. The areas outside North will pick up well over the weekend. The music has turned out a huge advantage for the film and the clear run for the next few weeks is another plus.

Saat Khon Maaf had a poor first week of around 15 crore nett. The film fell badly from Monday and the eighth day saw another huge fall of around 80-85%.

Patiala House fell in week two with around 6.25 crore nett business. The daily collections were steady but are just too low. The two week total is 30.50 crore nett approx. FLOP

Source – BOI


Tanu Weds Manu had a solid first day with early estimates suggesting around 4 crore nett business thanks to good collections in the North. Both Delhi/UP and East Punjab were very good.

The film should pick up well in other circuits on Saturday and even pick up is not huge the film seems a certain success on the strength of North India business.

Business on Sunday will be hit by the World Cup match between India and England but still an 11-12 crore weekend looks on the cards which would be a very good result for the film.

Source – BOI

Saturday Update: Saat Khoon Maaf

Saat Khoon Maaf had similar business on Saturday when compared with Friday. It was fair business on Saturday as most expected the film would fall 20% or so on Saturday due to the first World Cup which featured India.

The collections were around 3.35 crore nett approx on Saturday while Friday was 3.30 crore nett approx.

The business on Saturday was up in the metroes but fell at other centres. Surprisingly Kolkata showed a good jump and that is known to be a cricket lowing city.

Source – BOI

Below is a territorial comparison between Saat Khoon Maaf and No One Killed Jessica (in brackets). It can be seen that collections are very similar though No One Killed Jessica was a 650 theatre release and Saat Khoon Maaf is near 800 theatres. At multiplexes No One killed Jessica has more shows especially in the North. (All figures in lakhs)

Mumbai – 135 (126)

Delhi/UP – 73 (72)

East Punjab – 33 (32)

West Bengal – 15 (15)

CP Berar – 11 (10)

CI – 9 (8)

Rajasthan – 9 (10)

Nizam – 16 (14)

Mysore – 19 (19)

Others – 12 (10)

ALL INDIA 332 (316)

Source – BOI

Saat Khon Maaf had a poor opening of 35% at multiplexes and 20% at single screens. The evening had a pick up but limited to select multiplexes. The film has a budget of around 24-25 crore and 6-7 cr p&a costs. It has been sold in Mumbai circuit and a couple other circuits fetching 9 crore in total wherever sold. The satellite and music rifgts has given good returns so recovery is possible for makers but theatrical business is unlikely to be strong due to dark theme and not encouraging reports.

Patiala House had a poor first week of around 23.25 crore nett. The film has managed to get good screen space in week 2 of around 6-7 shows at multiplexes despite the release of Saat Khoon Maaf but the film is not collecting well. FLOP

Yeh Saali Zindagi had a decent second week of around 3.25 crore nett taking its two week total to 10.75 crore nett. BELOW AVERAGE

Source – BOI

Yash Raj Films Annouces Y-Films Release

Yash Raj Films have announced May 6th 2011 as the release date for the first film from their new youth films division Y Films.

Y Films Productions is a division from Yashraj that will make small and medium budget films which cater to the Youth.

Saat Khoon Maaf started on the lower side as most would expect. The opening was around 30-35% on average at multiplexes and 15-20% at single screens.

An interesting comparison will be No One Killed Jessica released a few weeks back which started lowly but picked up in the evening and went on to do well at the box office. That film was also heroine orientated and had a similar release though Saat Khoon Maaf does have the presence of known male stars in small roles while No One Killed Jessica had no male leads.

Saat Khoon Maaf will not score in single screens and will be dependent on multiplex business in the big cities.

Source- BOI

Patiala House grossed a poor 23.25 crore nett in its first week as per early estimates. The opening was also going to be low and so it was dependent on the family audience and had to really jump on Sunday or then show good weekday business but it failed on both accounts.

The film did not have much for the youth with Akshay Kumar in very sober role contrary to how his fans like him and the family audience have also rejected the film looking at business over the last 4-5 days.

Patiala House may just cross the 30 crore nett mark for its lifetime business which is poor performance at the box office and on the lines of films like Action Replayy and No Problem.

Source – BOI

Patiala House Weekend Business

Patiala House grossed around 15.75 crore nett approx over its first weekend. The territorial breakdown is as follows. East Punjab was best followed by Delhi/UP and Rajasthan.

Mumbai -5.95 crore

Delhi/UP – 3.54 crore

East Punjab – 1.83 crore

West Bengal – 57 lakhs

Bihar – 25 lakhs

CP Berar – 70 lakhs

CI – 54 lakhs

Rajasthan – 75 lakhs

Nizam -66 lakhs

Mysore – 55 lakhs

Others -30 lakhs

TOTAL – 15.64 crore

Source – BOI

2012 is likely to see the biggest franchises in the industry to hit the box office. Yash Raj films have already announced that Dhoom 3 will go on the floors later this year and be ready for a Christmas 2012 release.

Dabangg 2 is also likely to go the floors late this year and producers will aim for a Eid 2012 release date which has proved lucky for Salman Khan in 2009 and 2010. Bodyguard is his 2011 Eid release and Dabangg 2 very likely to 2012 Eid release.

There are no developments on Golmaal 4 but it will be no surprise if it gets announced in next few months and the film is aimed for a Diwali 2012 release.

Dhoom and Golmaal are the biggest proven franchises in the country and with Chulbul Pandey being the most popular screen character amongst the public in the last 10 years, Dabangg should also go the same way.

The last few years have seen franchises prove the the biggest brands at the box office. A superstar may fail to give an opening but brands have not failed. There have been some sequels that failed but those films should not have been made in the first place as the original films did not have much appreciation.

Dhoom released in 2004 and grossed 29 crore nett, Dhoom 2 released in 2006 and grossed over 80 crore nett.

Golmaal released in 2006 and grossed nearly 30 crore nett, Golmaal Returns grossed nearly 52 crore nett in 2008 and Golmaal 3 released last year grossed 107 crore nett plus.

Dabangg released in 2010 grossed 140 crore nett.

Source – BOI