Q. How much do you the think the opening of Ready will be?
A. Going by buzz and hype at the moment, its should be around 12 crore first day. After that its content as when opening numbers are so big, if content is not upto the mark it is reflected in weekend collections.
R Rahi

Q. Thank You has shown 65% drops every week but you claim it has trended well, 65% is hefty drops?
A. 65% drops in business today is pretty steady. Anything below 60% is good. A 65% drop may even look good in a few years time.
Amar K

Q. Is it worth releasing films like Stanley Ka Dabba on theatres as no one will pay 200 bucks to watch films like these?
A. There are single screens which are much less expensive but these sort of films don’t have a market there either. Its tough for these type of films, when you have such high ticket rates, most people are always for going to for a Fast & Furious 5 rather than Stanley Ka Dabba.
G Kular

Q. Do you think Ragini MMS will cover costs?
A. Makers have made money as it was pre-sold. The all India distributors have to cover 4.50 crore of MG’s. First week should be 3.50 crore share and then it depends on what happens in week two. Should get there unless it falls 70% plus
B Chautervedi

Source – BOI