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Review – Dhobi Ghat

Movie – Dhobi Ghat
Starring – Aamir Khan, Prateik Babbar, Monica Dogra and Kriti Malhotra.
Director – Kiran Rao.

Here is my review of the movie “Dhobi Ghat”. Movie stars Aamir Khan as Arun, Prateik Babbar as Munna, Monica Dogra as Shai and Kriti Malhotra as Yasmin. DG is a directorial debut for Kiran Rao. It’s the 5th movie to come out of Aamir Khan Productions and hence there has to be some expectations from the movie, considering the movie stars Aamir himself.

So here is how the story of DG goes. Shai meets Arun, than Shai meets Munna, Munna meets Arun and Arun meets Yasmin (on a TV). Yes, that’s the story. If you want more detail about the story than here it is. A little more detailed introduction of characters here. Shai is an investment banker back in US (God save that bank) and is on a vacation trip to fulfill her hobby of watching and photo-shooting filthy areas of Mumbai slums. In process she meets Munna, who is a Dhobi. Arun is a painter and like to change his apartment every month and likes loneliness. Yasmin is basically in video cassettes which Arun finds in an apartment after leaving the old one. So coming back to story, Shai meets Arun in a painting exhibition. She gets attracted towards him. Munna is a common dhobi of both Arun and Shai. He of course is flat on Shai. Arun on the other hand is flat on Yasmin who happens to be only on TV. Ok that was more detailed story-line for you.

If we talk about the movie than anybody who wants to have 90 minutes and 200 bucks to waste, are most welcome to the movie Dhobi Ghat. I don’t have an inch of idea why this particular movie was made in the first place. Just to fulfill directorial ambition of Kiran Rao or did Aamir really believed in the subject matter of the movie. Movie is neither class nor mass or any other kind of audience you want to associate with it, its negative. Movie has neither a story nor a screenplay. There is no music in the first place so lets not get into it. I really now believe why Dhobi Ghat has such a low budget in spite of casting Aamir Khan. Reason is, it seems camera work have been done through a handy cam.

Though the movie is nothing to talk about, the performances deserved to be applauded. Aamir, Monica and Kriti have played their roles perfectly. The biggest plus of the movie is in the form of Pratiek Babbar. His performance is as natural as one would desire. He excels and stands out as Munna.
Overall the movie has only one silver lining i.e., the performance from the actors associated. Movie is a dampener for reasons stated above. I remember Kiran Rao stating that she wanted to shoot a scene with Aamir Khan in a real location without him being noticed and she surely does that with perfection with almost 80% of the scenes.

Place some cameras on the streets, apartments and slums of Mumbai and here it is, your Dhobi Ghat is ready.

Verdict – 1 Star Out Of 5. The One star is for the natural performance from the actors.


Review – Tees Maar Khan

Movie – Tees Maar Khan
Starring – Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif and Akshaye Khanna
Director – Farah Khan

Here is my review of the movie “Tees Maar Khan”, TMK in short. Movie is about a con, who has learned to unlock any lock right since he was fetus. TMK stars Akshay Kumar in the title role and Katrina Kaif as his love interest “Anya”. It also stars Akshaye Khanna in a supporting and important role.

Story is about how Tabrez Mirza Khan, who is also called Tees Maar Khan along with his three rather strange assistants fulfills any given assignment in the field of robbery. Movie starts with the title track of TMK and depicts how TMK learns to break any lock right in the stomach of his mother. Since his birth he is shown as the one who can rob anything and still can be scot-free at will. Police department has arrested and locked him 11 times, ran away 25 times. In short, he is the “best” in the business.

Movie starts with a basic plot of treasure. Police department had acquired a treasure which is 10 tons in weight and having value of over 5 Billion INR from the twins “Johri Brothers”, basically who are shown as a negative characters. The department wants to sent this treasure to Delhi in a train in order to keep it safe from certain dacoits. This particular project of sending the treasure to Delhi is called “Bharat Ka Khazana”. Police is worried about only one man who can steal this treasure and of course he is TMK. Here Johri Brothers give this task naturally to TMK, as being “professional” only he can do this job.

In order to steal this treasure, TMK had to make certain plan viz. to rob the train with the help of more than 300 villagers in disguise of film shooting. In process he includes “Aatish Kapoor” (Akshaye Khanna) to star as a lead in his “movie” after giving a hope of winning an Oscar for his movie ala Slumdog Millionaire. Being an Oscar wannabe, he readily agrees to work in TMK movie.

TMK is a movie which is out and out a “comedy” movie. Right from the start credits to end credits, it was clear that movie is all about fun, for its makers as well as viewers. TMK is Farah Khan’s third directorial venture after “Main Hoon Naa” and “Om Shanti Om”. Does Farah pulls out on the third occasion? The answer is YES. As the makers claimed it to be as a masala entertainer, TMK proved to be same. Movie has many gags and many spoofs. It is interesting to start with, does tremendously till first half, drags in the second and have very strange climax. Script could have been much more tighter. Still, it is a laugh riot. Movie had some genuinely good songs and of course Katrina Kaif rocks in “Sheila Ki Jawani” with contribution from Vishal Shekhar and Sunidhi Chauhan. Though the songs are good, “Wallah Re Wallah” stands out when Akshay, Salman and Katrina sets the screen on fire.

If we talk about performances, than as usual Akshay Kumar steals the show with his brilliant screen presence and wit. His energy is as usual top notch in the movie. Katrina Kaif is underplayed in the movie and except her song, she is a big disappointment. Akshaye Khanna is a surprise element in the movie and makes you laugh all the way from “Oscar Oscar” to “Day Ho”. Other support cast is not much to talk about.

It is not Farah’s best work but it works, because we are given glimpse of what is coming in the movie right in the start. So pseudo-intellects please stay away.

Verdict – 3 Stars out of 5. I had always believed that “Movies” are for entertainment and not for education and believe me, Tees Maar Khan does entertain.

Review – Allah Ke Banday

Movie – Allah Ke Banday.
Starring – Sharman Joshi, Faruk Kabir, Atul Kulkarni and Naseeruddin Shah.
Director – Faruk Kabir.

Here is my review of the movie “Allah Ke Banday”. Movie is about two kids from the slums of Mumbai. Their journey from needy to gangsters. Movie stars Sharman Joshi and the director himself Faruk Kabir as the two very close buddies.

Vijay Kamble (Sharman Joshi) and Yakub Ansari (Faruk Kabir) are two kids who born in the slum of Mumbai, which they call it as “Bhool Bhulaiya”. Yakub is bought by Vijay’s mother, who is a orphan. Both grow together as Tea suppliers. But due to their connection with the “Boss”, who is the biggest gangster of the Bhool Bhulaiya, they get themselves into illegal activities. First with supplying churus and later with robberies. Both in their quest to control and earn more, land up in the Juvenile Prison, after being accused of murdering their “Boss”, who was actually murdered by his own man, who later on claims the title of Boss.

Vijay and Yakub after being landed in a Juvenile Prison, is harassed, mentally and physically by the warden (Naseeruddin Shah). The duo decides to start their illegal activities in the jail itself and in process forms a gang for themselves. After 11 years of imprisonment, the two kids, now fully grown, return to their bhool bhulaiya in order to take control of what they wanted to, 11 years back. Now they learn that there is not one, but 4 “bosses”, who control the slum. In the quest to control, they form a gang of young teenagers and end up doing all kind of illegal activities and enmity with the other “bosses.”

Atul Kulkarni is a teacher, who is firm believer of principles and disciplines. He is against Vijay and Yakub, who are hiring young kids to form their gang. In the meantime, a young boy is killed in a gangwar, mistakenly by Vijay. The incidence turns out to be the twist in the movie, after which Vijay tries to change himself and tries to expose the dirty activities of Bhool Bhulaiaya, through a television editor Sheryaar Hussain (Vikram Gokhale).

Movie is written, scripted, directed and acted by Faruk Kabir. It’s a very sincere effort to show the life of children in the vast slum of Mumbai. It was natural for me to compare it with Slumdog Millionaire. The movie has resemblance to SM, in terms of background. One would experience the parallel system which runs through the vast slums of Mumbai. Faruk Kabir, looks like is having very good knowledge about the subject matter and had done the homework before commencing on the project. Movie has a brilliant background score from Chirantan Bhatt and
Hamza Faruqui.

Sharman Joshi gives best performance of his close to decade old career. We happen to see his brilliant comic timings in his previous ventures, including his debut “Style”. He has come a long way to act a “Vijay”. Faruk Kabir makes a pleasant debut, in terms of his performance as an actor. He has enacted his role so perfectly, that you never feel its his first movie. Naseeruddin Shah do not have a big role in the movie. Vikram Gokhale again is having a very tiny role. Atul Kulkarni excels in his brief appearance. Anajana Sukhani is having a guest appearance, as a girlfriend of Vijay.

Verdict – 3 stars out of 5. Allah Ke Banday is a well made movie with some outstanding performances and decent story.

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part – I is the 7th installment of the famous Harry Potter Series. Well, we all know what happened in the 6th part i.e., Half Blood Prince chapter. Dumbuldore got killed by Professor Snape in order to fulfill Draco Molfoy’s commitment to the dark lord Voldemort. Being dejected and hurt, Harry decides to search the Hocruxes himself and destroy it. Ron and Harmoine of course are accompanying Harry Potter in this gigantic task. That is where the Deathly Hallows chapter begins.

Movie starts with the usual Dursley’s home. But this time, its different. Harry Potter must protect the Dursley’s as he is about to turn 17, which will make their home vulnerable to the death-eaters of Voldemort. Somehow the trio of Harry, Harmoine and Ron escape from the attack of the death-eaters in process of hiding in a safe place. Its there, that they start again hunting for those hocruxes. First they need to find who is R.E.B. and later the original hocrux and the way, how to destroy them, the only way to defeat Lord Voldemort. In process Harry learns about the dark past of Professor Dumbuldore and the Deathly Hallows.

The movie is first part of the finale called “Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows”. Hence, you will see the actual finale only in the 2nd part. For now, this particular movie starts the journey for the end of the series. Some folks were disappointed with the last part “Half Blood Prince”. This time, it doesn’t. Though people who have not been following HP series, would not find this movie particularly brilliant, but overall those who have been following, this is a set-up for the grand finale next year. Everything has been left on the penultimate part of the movie. After watching Part I of the Deathly Hallows, you just cant wait to watch the 2nd and last one.

Review – Guzaarish

Movie – Guzaarish (2010)

Starring – Hrithik Roshan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Aditya Roy Kapoor.

Director – Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

Here is my review of the recently released movie “Guzaarish”. Movie is directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali (SLB) and has Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in the lead. Movie is a story about a life of one person “Ethan Mascaranas” played by Hrithik Roshan and his nurse “Sofia” acted by Aishwarya Rai.

Movie starts with a brilliant song “Smile”. Lot of encouraging words being penned down on that particular song. It is like intro of the sad life and state of Ethan and yet he is trying to live. Ethan is suffering from Paraplegia, which is caused due to paralysis of a body due to an accident. He cannot move anything except his neck. He is in this state since 14 years. Sofia is a nurse who takes care of everything related to Ethan. Right from brushing teeth to bathing and feeding food. Sofia has been a nurse who has been looking after Ethan for 12 years.

Ethan was a world famous magician, who got a title of Merlin due to his incredible magic tricks. After his accident during such magic show, he decides to run a radio station, where he is the RJ (Radio Jockey). He just speaks and speaks of life. He tries to solve problems being faced by callers of the radio station. There is one big admirer of Ethan, the magician “Omar Siddique” played by Aditya Roy Kapoor. Omar somehow persuades Ethan to teach him his magic tricks and by doing so he becomes Ethan’s student. There is one lawyer too in the movie “Devyani Dutta” played by Shrenaz Patel who is very close friend of Ethan.

One fine day Ethan decides to file a petition for Euthanasia with the court of law. Euthanasia is a petition to allow legally by the court to kill oneself, in other words suicide or mercy killing. Movie has some parts in the court where Ethan and his lawyer friend Devyani files the petition, which the High Court first dismisses but later due to further appealing it gets considered, but again in the later hearing the case and the petition is dismissed.

Movie has been directed very well. Sanjay Leela Bhansali is a great story-teller. There is no question about it. But the fundamental flaw in the movie is described in the preceding para. Ethan who is such a optimistic person who tries to spread positivity around people through his radio, suddenly decides to kill himself. The reason being given is his sufferings, but he has been suffering this since 14 years, but one fine day suddenly he decides to file Euthanasia petition, reasons for which are never explained. That leaves the audience with a big question mark. A person who is so full of life, decides to end that, without any proper justification. Sofia on the other hand leaves his family, children and husband (drinker) for his boss Ethan, for reasons unknown. Music is good enough but most of the songs are either in English or local Goan language, in the movie that is. Sets are having usual/dull SLB mark.

Hrithik Roshan is a let-down in this movie. In some scenes he looks clue-less or we must say the directed left it on Hrithik to perform as he want. Smiling his way out where there is no necessity to do so. In some scenes you feel like he is repeating his act of “Koi Mil Gaya”, which definitely does not suit in this particular project. Was SLB trying to project Ethan as optimistic person or retarded one, SLB knows better. Aishwarya Rai does her part very well. Aditya Roy Kapoor once again impresses, after his performance in “Action Replayy.”

The movie revolves around the current state and case of Ethan with some flashbacks in between from his past and his helplessness. Sanjay Leela Bhansali has given yet another movie with blue shades in Guzaarish. The movie is basically a documentary rather than a movie. It describes life of Ethan and his surroundings and friends. There are some very touching scenes in the movie, but yes those are for few minutes and which leaves mark on you. But overall, its not a cinematic experience one would look for. It drags a lot and tests your patience. When you leave the cinema hall, you feel exhausted by this epic.

Verdict – 1 and Half Stars out of 5. Sanjay Leela Bhansali is a great story-teller, but problem is he do not have a decent story in hand, let alone great.

Review Of Action Replayy – BBOI

Movie – Action Replayy (2010)
Starring – Akshay Kumar, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Kiron Kher, Om Puri, Rajpal Yadav, Neha Dhupia, Ranvijay Singh and Aditya Roy Kapur
Director – Vipul Shah

Here is my review of one of the big release this Diwali, “Action Replayy.” Movie is directed by Vipul Shah and it’s the fourth collaboration of Vipul and the movie lead Akshay Kumar. Both had previous three successful outings. Read on to see what they have in store for the fourth one.

Kishan Kumar (Akshay Kumar) is an owner of one of the biggest restaurant of Mumbai. He is fed up of his personal life with his wife Mala (Aishwarya Rai). Kishan is as dumb man as you can get. Mala is as aggressive a woman as one would think. From the description of the two characters one would understand how complex their relationship would be. They have son Bunty (Aditya Roy) who is so fed up with his parent’s daily quarrels that he decides not to marry his girl friend.

As Bunty does not believe in wedding, his girlfriend decides to arrange a meeting between her grandfather and Bunty, in order to persuade him to get married. In process her Grandfather who is a professor demonstrates Bunty about his new invention, which is a time-machine. One can sit into it and go back to any past time. It is at that moment that Bunty decides he should go back in the time when his parents were single and try to get them as close as possible. And when he eventually goes back to the time desired, what he see is that his parent or future parent are exactly opposite as in the present. Mala’s mother and Kishan’s father are both big enemies. It was then that he decides to make a change in both Mala’s and Kishan’s attitude towards themselves and within in order to have better future.

From the above one could make out that the story is different. As a natural feeling when Bunty moves into past one would like to see more of the past which is more interesting and the movie gives exactly that. 90% of the movie has been shot in the 1970’s looks. The retro look of 70’s is actually very perfectly executed. One would feel that the audience is watching any 70’s movie, considering the sets, costumes and background score. Music is interesting and not for a single song you feel that it had been “inserted.” Songs were timed very perfectly, where it actually required. Its not just the timing, the songs themselves are good. Zor Ka Jhatka and Chan Ke Mohalla are the best amongst the lot. Choreography too is admirable.

If we talk about performance than Akshay Kumar as Kishan gives his usual committed performance. His zeal, enthusiasm and innocence can be felt. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan excels in the role of Mala. She performs exactly as was required. Om Puri and Kiran Kher are wasted. Rajpal Yadav does not have much to do in this movie. Ranvijay Singh as Kundan does very well. Neha Dhupia again has not so substantial role in the movie. Aditya Roy Kapur as Bunty is a shining spot in the movie. He performs his job wonderfully well. Though the movie dint offered much for him due to his character in the movie, but he has potential to grow as an Actor if given opportunity.

Coming back to where we started. Whether Vipul and Akshay combo has pulled it off successfully for the fourth time? The answer is big YES. Movie is enjoyable and has some genuine moments of laughter, emotions as well as drama. What more audience would ask for? There are some glitches which are due to negligence on the part of director. But what matters is the overall picture when one comes out of the theater after watching Action Replayy. The picture is of a satisfied audience who have watched a clean and interesting movie, with smile on their face.

Verdict – 3 Stars out of 5. This time its not ONLY Akshay Kumar who has to carry the load of entire movie, the movie itself is such that it can carry itself, on its own.

Robot (Endhiran) – India’s Answer To Avatar

Instead of writing a review of Robot (Endhiran) I decided to think on the qualities and pros and cons of the movie. During that process I found that there are many similarities between the two most technologically advanced movies of the two industries viz. Robot and Avatar. I will try to think and compare the qualities of the two movies at their respective stage of technological development in their respective industries.

Positives –

Robot movie has the latest and best technology as far as its Sci-Fi visuals are concerned in Indian Film Industry. Technology has never been accepted as an important aspect of a movie. Robot proves otherwise. The movie is stunningly amazing in terms of special effects, graphics used and the action sequences. Robot tries to deliver what others would term as hypothetical for a movie to be based upon. It’s the visuals of the movie which is its USP. On the other hand, Robot connects to you, emotionally. One would get easily lost and carried away with visuals, but Robot does not. You could feel for Robot, when “Feeling Program” is run and the simplicity with which he expresses his feelings. You can feel the love of Robot for Sana. You can would feel for him when is self-destructs. That’s where the movie successes.

Avatar is no different. It has the best Sci-Fi technology being used for any Hollywood movie. The 3D concept added one more feather to its credit. Movie was visual outstanding and yes, it could us literary to a different world. It was an amazing experience to watch a whole new world with such a precision of clarity. Pandora and its forest, local inhabitants and their spirits, animals and birds, name anything it had “Excellent” word written all over it. Same as Robot, Avatar too connected emotionally. You could feel the love of Jake for Neytiri. You could feel that Jake is actually a God sent Nabi who will going free Pandora from human exploitation. You could feel love of Jake for Nabis than Humans.

Both movies proved success due to amalgamation of the two important factors, the visuals and emotions and their box office record is testimony for that.

Negatives –

Robot has a very unrealistic concept which normal audience will find it very difficult to digest. One clear negative about the movie Robot is its excessive graphics, which clearly states that we still have scope to improve. In some of the scenes the graphics looked excessively artificial making the visuals more of computer based rather than real. How can a robot have emotions and feelings and how it totally transforms into a virtual human being, is not explained satisfactorily. That looked as if the Director Shankar has hurried up in order to wind up.

Avatar too suffers from certain defects. The planet Pandora is shown as exact replica of planet Earth. Pandora has humans (Nabis), birds, animals, trees and their traditional stories and beliefs. How humans could establish such a monstrous military building on the planet and how Nabis dint took any kind of action till such a time has reasons unknown. On top of that humans are able to carry all the military requirements, arms and ammunitions along with vehicles and fighter helicopters on Pandora without the locals being known. Jake a normal human turns into an enemy for its own race, which looks absurd considering he has more “human” emotional.

Conclusion – Both Robot and Avatar suffer from certain demerits, but good thing about these two are their merits over-shadow them. Technology has its own merits and demerits. If it can give a real visual experience, it can also act as more artificial making audience to leave at theaters what they saw in it and nothing to carry forward. Where both movies score is its emotional connect with audience, which is the most important factor for any movie to be worthy of remembrance. Oh ya, they are memorable.

Verdict – Yes, there is similarity of verdict for both Robot and Avatar. 4 stars out of 5.

Review of Anjaana Anjaani

Movie – Anjaana Anjaani (2010)

Cast – Priyanka Chopra, Ranbir Kapoor and Zaid Khan.

Director – Siddharth Anand.

Here is my review of the movie “Anjaana Anjaani”. Produced by Nadiadwala Sons and directed Sidharth Anand, AA is about strangers, as the name suggests. One more addition to long list of love stories which has basically “Ek ladka aur ek ladki milte hain and after all twists and turns, they live happily ever after”. Anjaana Anjaani is no different! Where it can be different is the twists itself.

Aakash (Ranbir Kapoor) is a wall-street freak. He takes his own chances or rather gamble in order to rise to the top. He has his own firm run by himself along with his friends cum partners. A market crash makes them all vulnerable to external debts. His partners blaming Aakash for downfall of their firm, he decides to commit suicide. Just when Aakash is about to suicide he meets with another saddist i.e., Kiara (PriyankaChopra) and she too wants to suicide. Her problem is, her boy friend Kunal (Zaid Khan) betrayed her.

Here are the various sequences which starts after these two Anjanes (strangers) meet. Whenever these two try to commit suicide, some or the other problem occurs and every time they fail. Finally they realize that something still to be done in their life before they end it. And both decide to “extend” their break for committing suicide till new years eve, which is good 21 days later. Between these 21 days there are many instances where both come close to each and there are moments where they try to console each other and in process coming close to each other.

The movie as a whole is good romantic experience. It actually gives a new lease of life for two strangers in each other to live. Movie has genuine humor scenes and genuine romantic as well. The cinematography is top-notch along with the flow of story of the movie, though with some clichés. Siddharth Anand has done a good job in terms of over consolidation and presentation of the movie. Music is decent, with some songs like “Anjaana Anjaani”, “Tumse” and “Hairat” being decent numbers. The best amongst the lot being “Aas paas khuda”. The only problem though in the music department being, there are lot of songs in the movie, 9 to be precise.

If we talk of performance than Priyanka Chopra as “Kiara” clearly overshadows “Aakash” i.e., Ranbir Kapoor. Priyanka gives yet another brilliant performance. She is definitely beauty with talent. Though the screen space given to both the lead is almost same, but Priyankas performance is more than convincing. Ranbir Kapoor gives a decent performance, though you would feel repetition of performance viz a viz, his previous outings. Zaid Khan does a good job for his cameo in the movie.

Overall, the movie is a good experience not only for teenagers or couples, but for all. It has quite a good amount of humor along with some good songs. The romantic scenes between the leads are no less. The movie never loses its pace, though in the 2nd half it drags little bit. One would not feel lost, as the story has spontaneity. Siddharth Anand gives us a movie which has all the ingredients of 21st century rom-com.

Verdict- 3 stars out of 5, for brilliant to good performance of the leading stars, along with genuine humorous and romantic sequences in the movie. Recommended.